Travelling vehicle Marseille


Multi-support camera travelling vehicle

Designed & developed by a team of mechanics and technicians specialized in film
Canam TravellingManufactured on the basis of a can-am 1000 bomber, this new generation travelling vehicle was manufactured in our workshops and required more than 300 hours of work.

The rear deck and stem are largely made of aluminium for reasons of weight and mobility. Many parts have been specially designed by our team.

Why the Can-am?
The Can-am 1000 bomber is currently the most powerful vehicle in its class. The position of its engine (4-stroke V-twin cylinder) was also decisive. Placed in the center it allowed the construction of a rear platform. In addition, its position makes the vehicle’s centre of gravity more stable.

Its size between the quad and the car is a good compromise. With a length of 3.30m and a width of 1.52m, it can be used on sidewalks and in traffic. Bigger than a quad, it provides optimal safety for technicians who can climb up to 5, including the pilot.

Also equipped with an aluminum platform at the front it allows for quality subjective shots for all your pursuits.

A versatile travelling vehicle
Combining power and agility, its 86 horsepower engine allows it to display 0 to 100 km/h in 6 seconds, giving you the possibility to make many plans on the track and all types of roads thanks to its use in 2 or 4 wheel drive. Due to its size, speed and adaptation to environments, it can be used in many different situations (running, cycling, horse riding, motorcycle or car). It will adapt to all your needs.

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