Astera LED AX1 Wireless PixelTube Kit w/Charging Case


System of eight wireless, pixel controllable LED RGBW batons for variety of lighting applications.

Includes: (8) AX1 PixelTubes (3 ½”), (1) AX1 Charging Case, (8) charging cables, (8) AX1 Stands, (16) AX1 Holders, (16) AX1 Eyebolts, (16) holder cotter pins, (16) ½-20 to ⅜-16 Threaded Manfrotto Stud (Spigot), (1) transmitter case, (1) transmitter box, (1) Infra Red Remote Control, (1) micro USB cable, (1) USB adapter, (1) DMX adapter cable, and (1) AX1 single charging cable.


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